EU President, Kristi Mollis attends Sarasota Campus Capstone Presentations

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Congratulations to the Everglades University Sarasota Campus Masters of Public Health Capstone class on four amazing presentations. Students Ryan Clapham, Lida Gonzalez Santiago, Marcie Novis Levine, and Riki Perdue presented to a group of Everglades University administrators, faculty and students, including EU President, Kristi Mollis. The MPH students provide a wealth of information on topics including: Transgenderism, and Transgender Healthcare with Advocacy for the Transgender Community, Microbiome Healthy Gut/Brain Rejuvenation, and HIV/AIDS Prevention and the PrEP Program.

Tables of literature and topic related flags, pins, buttons, brochures, and a catered buffet of macrobiotic fare were provided by the MPH students for the audience to experience. Not only are these students researching their topics, they are putting them into practice as their careers.

Ryan Clapham has started her own business and is writing a grant to provide quality educational programs for the ethical treatment of Transgender patients.

Riki Perdue is currently working for Manatee County’s new PrEP program. Lida Gonzalez Santiago and Marcie Novis Levine are collaborating on patents for their health food products for resale. As Dr.

Jennifer Bencie, EU Sarasota MPH faculty and County Health Officer for the Florida Department of Health in Manatee County, said, “These capstone presentations are the culmination of years of research and knowledge gained during their MPH program at EU, and it is exciting to see them put it into practice for their future careers.”