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On October 27, 2021 Everglades University representatives; President Kristi Mollis, Vice President of Academic Affairs -Jared Bezet, Vice President- Joseph Dalto, and Director of Student Services- Rubeena Barrat attended the CASF 71st Annual Installation And Awards Banquet.  

President Kristi Mollis was a speaker for the event discussing the recent partnership between Everglades University and the Construction Association of South Florida to establish a permanent scholarship endowment for the EU Construction Management department.  She also discussed future plans to develop externships with CASF members to allow EU Construction students the ability to gain experience in the industry with the CASF member companies while completing their degrees. 

In July 2021 Everglades University was gifted $60,000 to establish the scholarship endowment.  President Mollis also presented the first EU/ CASF scholarship recipient- Mr. Geansli Joseph. 

Mr. Joseph was in attendance at the event and accepted the scholarship with his wife on stage.  Mr. Joseph is currently pursuing his bachelors in Construction Management. He has experience in design, drafting, BIM technology, and construction. 

President Mollis’ speech included the following statement, ”We believe we are aligned with CASF in that our goal is to support the South Florida Construction Industry by training and educating your future employees.  Everglades University is a home grown Florida based regionally accredited not for profit University with 6 campuses in Florida.  Our Main campus is located in Boca Raton and our branch campuses are located in Miami, Tampa, Sarasota and Orlando.  This scholarship will annually support students attending our south Florida campuses for years to come.  And for that we thank all of you for your support.” 

“Everglades University was ranked #10 in the nation for Social Mobility in 2022 by the US News and World Report Best Colleges Ranking.  So we are just as committed to education as we are to ensuring our graduates gain employment in their fields of study.  So again thank you very much for establishing the CASF scholarship.  We look forward to expanding this relationship to better support the CASF membership,” stated President Mollis.

Annual Dean's Training Attendees

Everglades University held its annual Dean’s training in May 2021 at the Boca Raton Main Campus to bring together its academic leaders at all campuses. Discussed were various policies and procedures, future academic projects, and new programs.  President Kristi Mollis opened the meeting with a state of the University presentation.  The meeting included a discussion of the University’s Institutional Assessment of student learning outcomes, new regulatory requirements for reporting of student achievement, review of retention and attrition data at each campus, and President Mollis discussing the long-range strategic direction of the University.

In attendance were University President Kristi Mollis, Tampa Vice President, Dina-Athena Siganos, Online Vice President, Jeffery Day, Orlando Vice President Tim Dauber, Miami Vice President Debra Cohen, Sarasota Vice President, Caroline King, Boca Raton Vice President Joseph Dalto.   Deans and academic advisors: John Osborne, Carmen Salazar, Gianpaolo Stasi, Sara Nymora, Maxwell Segal, Charles Stuard, Dawn Carlson, Gregory Chamberland, Glen Carwell, Vice President of Academic Affairs, Jared Bezet

On July 1, 2021, Remy Mackowski, the Executive Director of The Construction Association of South Florida (CASF) presented Everglades University President, Kristi Mollis, with a gift of $60,000 to establish a permanent scholarship endowment for the Construction Management department.

The CASF Scholarship program will generate 8 scholarships in the first four years of $1250 per recipient.

To be considered for the scholarship, applicants must be an undergraduate Construction Management Major in their junior or senior year, and complete and submit the CASF scholarship application.

“This endowment is perfectly aligned with our Foundation’s mission to help grow the construction labor pool in South Florida,” said CASF President and Stiles Construction Vice President Doug Wallace.

“We are honored to partner with CASF on this scholarship program as we educate and train the future leaders in the Construction Industry and specifically in South Florida where our Main Campus and Miami Campuses reside. We would like to give a special thanks to Mr. Remy Mackowski, CASF Executive Director, for his hard work on making this program possible for our students!,” said EU President Kristi Mollis.

CASF and EU are also in talks to create mentorship and internship programs, as well as outreach opportunities through CASF’s Future Leaders and the Women’s Council and Skilled Labor committees.

The Everglades University Campus Vice Presidents met with President Mollis and the Regional Directors and the Vice President of Academic Affairs at the Boca Raton Main Campus for two days of team building, campus presentations, and a review of various policies and procedures.

“It was wonderful to have our leadership team all together in person. The meeting was outstanding and very productive. Everyone learned a lot as well as shared great things happening at all of our campuses. We have an excellent and committed team!” stated President Mollis.

Pictured: Front Row seated: Jeff Day, Vice President of the Online Division, President Kristi Mollis, Seeta Singh-Moonilall, Regional Director of Financial Aid, Debra Cohen, Vice President of the Miami Campus

Back row standing: Joe Dalto, Vice President of the Boca Raton Campus, Jared Bezet, Vice President of Academic Affairs, Tim Dauber, Vice President of the Orlando Campus, Ryan Heintz, Regional Director of Enrollment Management, Caroline King, Vice President of the Sarasota Campus and Dina Siganos, Vice President of the Tampa Campus.

EU 2021 Virtual Graduation Ceremony

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Graduation is the best day at our University and it is an honor to acknowledge our graduates for their hard work and accomplishments.  This year due to the on-going COVID-19 pandemic we had to continue to be creative with holding our annual graduation ceremony.  We enlisted in the help of a video crew who travelled all over the state meeting with our Campus teams and graduates in order to create our “EU 2021 Graduation Ceremony and Movie!” 

All campuses have scheduled graduation viewing days at their campuses to unveil the 2021 Graduation video.  It has also been posted on the Everglades University website.   

We would like to thank our graduates who participated in this event and “Congratulate” all of our 2021 graduates!

All six campuses of Everglades University met on April 9th, 2021 at the Boca Raton Main Campus for an annual Financial Aid In-Service Training hosted by Ms. Seeta Singh-Moonilall the Regional Director of Financial Aid.

They were welcomed by the University President Ms. Kristi Mollis.

All campuses were represented and the Campus Vice Presidents and Financial Aid Directors had an excellent afternoon with a packed agenda discussing financial aid rules and regulations including the new HEERF II grants.

Everglades University and AeroStar Training Services are celebrating their new partnership. EU and AeroStar have signed an articulation agreement to allow students who have successfully earned FAA certificates to easily transfer those certificates for college credit into Everglades University’s Bachelor of Science Degree with a Major in Aviation/Aerospace. This articulation agreement provides many future opportunities for collaboration to improve employment prospects for EU a…nd AeroStar students, as well as help support the aviation industry worldwide.

AeroStar, based in Kissimmee, Florida, uses a uniquely conceived training program that can guide students with no flight experience to being commercial pilots in as little as 12 to 18 months. AeroStar also offers state-of-the-art flight simulators that can allow students to become type-rated in the Airbus A320 and Boeing 737, two of the most commonly used commercial aircraft in the world.

Everglades University signatories were President and Chief Executive Officer Kristi Mollis, and Vice President of Academic Affairs, Jared Bezet. AeroStar was represented at the signing by their Chief Executive Officer, Deidra Toye, Chief Training Officer, Captain David Santo, and Director of Admissions, P. Jerry Lee.

The Crockett Foundation – a Broward County-based non-profit organization – has positively impacted the lives of thousands of children since its inception in 2002. Everglades University hosted a campus day event on Tuesday, July 17, 2019 to enhance their learning abilities. What a great day it was, as over 100 students were able to attend various workshops that provided team building activities in the alternative medicine, aviation, construction, and business field. We were honored to have the Crockett Foundation at our university and look forward to working with them again in the future!

The Everglades University team participated in a special premier of the Place of Hope’s documentary “Invisible.” Invisible is a documentary exposing the epidemic of human trafficking that is happening right here in our own back yard. Human trafficking is a form of modern slavery where people profit from the control of exploitation of others. Human trafficking is not only an oversees issue. Florida ranks 3rd in the nation for reported cases of human trafficking.

Ms. Lisa McDulin presenting Invisible

Invisible was presented by the Place of Hope Director of Advancement, Ms. Lisa McDulin. The documentary was well done and educated the team on statistics on human trafficking it also educated the team on signs of human trafficking and the human trafficking hot line to report suspected incidents. Place of Hope is working hard to educate young adults and parents on this growing issue.

Everglades University is a not-for-profit institution that is weaving the principles of sustainability, green building, and environmental consciousness into its undergraduate degree programs in order to meet the increasing demand for green careers. One component of their program includes a Solar Teaching Lab. The lab includes a variety of solar technologies with an outside covered area for holding classes to review meters and research the efficiency and reliability of various technologies in Florida’s unique climate. EU Sarasota’s newest addition to their solar teaching lab is the innovative AquaGrove aquaponics system. The AquaGrove is an indoor/outdoor aquaponics system offering exclusive and patented thermal tanks to reduce energy consumption for the purpose of tank temperature management.